Real-World Meat Knowledge for Latin America
Latin American meat and poultry processors are hungry for technical know-how to increase yield; save money and manpower; fulfill quality guidelines and develop new products. CarneTec sustains them with news and information delivered online and in print — in the language they prefer – Portuguese in Brazil and Spanish in the rest of Latin America. CarneTec editors and contributors combine years of industry experience with journalistic talent to ensure useful and engaging content to help Latin American processors capture an increasing share of the global meat marketplace.

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Connect with meat and poultry processors in two languages on multiple platforms

Connect with meat processors wherever they are – in print, online, live events, webinars, social media and e-newsletters. Meatingplace content fits the medium, engaging readers.

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Want proof your advertising is working for you? CarneTec offers the most complete audience documentation in the industry. You know who requests information, visits your website or watches your video.


Our editorial and sales teams serve advertisers and readers who are fired up about the global meat and poultry industry. Decades of industry-related journalism experience give our editorial team an edge in providing our readers the information they need to be competitive in the ever-expanding Latin American meat and poultry processing industries. CarneTec uncovers the news, the technology, the trends, the companies, equipment and trade shows that matter most to Latin American meat and poultry processors.

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